El Clásico History

El Clasico, FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid became one of the most exciting fixture of the season and not only in La Liga but around the whole world. Let's see a bit of rencent history about this clash.

Between 2005-2010 there were some fantastic games, including the game when Ronaldinho was clapped off by the Madrid fans at the Bernabeu after scoring twice, or when Lionel Messi's breathtaking hat-trick as a 19-year-old, and the Pep Guardiola era-defining 5-0 Barcelona win.

El Clasico all-time statistics.

It was after that though that things started to get nasty, and the fixture became less about artistry and more about cynicism and spite. The fact that the two teams were playing in the Champions League is also significant, as it contributed to the the huge volume of matches between the sides around the turn of the decade, which only served to make the rivalry more spiteful and less aesthetically pleasing.

El Clasico all-time top scorers.

Lionel Messi is leading the top scorer list with 21 goals in El Clasicos, and he has the chance now to score his 500th carrear goal. Cristiano Ronaldo had the longest consecutive scoring run in El Clasico history, scoring 7 goals in 6 games. Messi vs Ronaldo comparison

In total Barcelona and Real Madrid played each other a staggering 18 times between 2010 and 2013, and the 5-0 aside those matches were most memorable for the handbags and histrionics. Thankfully the rivalry has become more about the football in recent years, but the legacy of that era lives on, and it isn't helped by the fatuous narrative that tries to paint the rivalry as a nationalistic conflict between Catalonia and Spain, when the reality is much more nuanced and complicated.

El Clasico largest differences.

In their previous meeting back in November Barcelona won 4-0 in Madrid and since then, the head coach Rafa Benitez was replaced with the legendary Zidane, but things didn't go well for him either as Madrid practically is out of the league race and being booted from Copa del Rey, still Madrid hope Champions League glory can redeem what has been a season to forget at the Bernabeu.

Last game result.

RMA 0 - 4 BAR

Real will face Wolfsburg in the first leg of Champions League quarterfinal action next Tuesday. While Barcelona face a much tougher challenge in Atletico Madrid. Still Barca are a solid favorite at home on Saturday, even after only mustering a draw in their last fixture.

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