5 Different Routes to Enjoy Euro 2016 - Infographic

Many fans are struggling with multiple strikes all over France. Among various options to enjoy European Soccer Tournament 2016, here are 5 different routes to maximize your experience without being affected by strikes.

You can check out the results:

The route that allows big soccer fans to attend the highest number of matches is an ultimate package offered by online private jet booking platform OpenJet. OpenJet’s exclusive packages include private jet air travel across the country, VIP access including semifinals and final, as well as nights at the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris.

Infographic - 5 Routes to Enjoy Euro 2016

Infographic - 5 Routes to Enjoy Euro 2016

1. THE TOUR DE FRANCE: Bike + Tent

Tour de France is the one that you’ve always dreamt of, but lacked the incentive to go through with it. A scenic route that takes you to key matches including semifinals in Lyon and Marseille and the final match in Paris with picturesque stops in charming villages along the Côte d’Azur and the Luberon Valley.

2. BUDGET FRIENDLY: Bus + Hostel

Bus tickets are at an alltime low, because Macron Law has passed in France. It offers more chance to watch live matches from the stadium, under the tightest of budgets. However, you’ll be spending many many hours on the road. We would suggest you invest in a good window­side seat for your long long trip.

3. SHARING ECONOMY: Car­Share + Airbnb

Do as the locals do a true traveler knows that the best way. Airbnb provides endless home
rental options with perfect places to stay, and French car sharing darling Blablacar will offer changes to hop into a local’s car.


The French highspeed train system runs like clockwork. The journey leaves you with enough
time and energy to discover your destination cities and accommodate an ample range of plans to satisfy everyone on board, which makes this the perfect option for families.

5. THE ULTIMATE FAN: Private Jet + Luxury Hotel

The package accomplishes an unbelievable attendance rate of instadium matches with full VIP access throughout all journey. OpenJet, online private jet booking platform offers an exclusive private jet and luxury hotel package, with a fully customizable plan, makes an unparalleled experience for the ultimate football fans among the one percent.